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There's nothing to do in Richmond?

Look harder.

Stuff to do in and around Richmond, Virginia
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This is a community to keep up with the events happening around richmond, virginia. Sometimes it may seem like nothing's going on in this city but if you look a little bit harder you'll always find something. Hopefully, this community can make the search a little bit easier. As the members find things to do, be it a good show, a house party, a gallery opening, a place to chill and drink coffee on a tuesday night, or all around special events they'll post them here. Maybe you want to share your friend's show or maybe you want someone to go see the new Gauguin exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts- either way this is the place to find it.

There're only a few rules:
  • You can plug whatever you want in or around Richmond. "Around" doesn't include DC, c'ville, or anywhere else. It's called rva_stuff_to_do for a reason. If you're posting information about a rally or some other big event, that's ok, but don't post about shows that are out of town. Just use some common sense, no one wants to read 15 posts about your friend's band playing halfway across the state.

  • You can post an event once a week, any more than that and the extra posts will be deleted and you run the risk of being banned.

  • No ads for roomates, no ads for selling your stuff (unless you're listing a yard sale as an event), don't make posts that aren't about events. rva is around for that sort of thing.